• Demonstrations and Examples of Buttons of PHP-eSeller

  • The demonstration pages illustrate the administration side of the application and shows the different shopping system templates that are available.

  • Administration Pages

    To login to the on-line demonstration, click here or click on the button below and use the following username and password :

    username : admin@somewhere.com
    password : password

     Click to go to Demo 

  • Shopping Carts

    The shopping carts are located at the root of the site at /eseller/ assuming that you have installed the application in the /eseller/ folder

    The following illustrates the available carts:

    Datatable with cart - no formatting
    Shopping cart using datatable without formatting

    This uses the JQuery Datatable system to display a row layout and includes sorting, searching and paging as standard. You normally set categories and subcategories for each product. However, you do not have to show the category and subcategory columns if they are not needed which can be done in the datatable configuration script. The datatable display is good for long listings of audo products and works well on all devices including mobiles.


    Datatable with cart - using Twitter Bootstrap layout
    Bootstrap formatting of shopping cart

    This is similar to the above but has Twitter Boostrap layout wrapped around the Datatable. Twitter Bootstrap is suitable for displaying on all devices including mobiles.


    Multi-column display - using Twitter Boostrap layout
    Bootstrap shopping cart with mulitple columns

    This is an implementation of a cart system using Twitter Bootstrap. It uses an add to cart button for each item and further details of each item can be displayed. The displays are fully responsive and work well on all devices including mobiles. Twitter Boostrap is a well know and well documented framework and extra functionality can be easily added.


    Ajax style store front layout
    Ajax style store front layout

    This is an implementation of a single page product display including a cart and check out facility. The display provides an excellent user experience for situations where you have a large number of audio products to show on a compact page.


    Album display
    Album display

    This layout can be used to sell albums and separate audio files presenting them in their album structures. The layout will be useful when you have a number of albums to sell.


    Manual created buttons
    Adding items by hand created buttons

    If you have an existing web site layout and you just want to add a cart system then you can create buttons by hand using the examples as shown here. The cart system is located in the /baseket/ folder and you can place your "add to cart" and "view cart" buttons on to any web page you want.


  • Download Page

    The download page is where the customer logs onto after they have purchased an item.

    An example download display can be seen by clicking the following link:


    This link is sent to the customer by email and will expire after a defined time limit and number of downloads