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This section describes the file format to bulk import product items into the application using a csv file format.

File Format

Example file: in csv format or as a text file

csv is a text file where each field is separated by a comma character and each line represents a record.

item_number   Unique item number.
item_name   Item name.
mc_gross   Gross value which will be something like : 34.99
item_title   The title of the product.
item_description   The brief item description.
item_description_full   The item description.
maincategory   The numerical value of the main category which must already exist in the database.
subcategory   The numerical value of the sub category which must already exist in the database.
folder   The folder on your web server where the file is located in the form /myserver/www/files/
filename   The file name of the digital file e.g. Note that this does not include the folder name
filename_small_mp3   The url of the mp3 clip in the form
item_image   The url of the small image in the form
pagetitle   The page title for the item.
metadescription   The metadescription for the item.
keywords   Any extra keywords to help searching.
sort order   The sort order number for this product item. If it is listed by category, then the sort order will be sorted within the category listing.

Notes :

You cannot use the comma character (,) in any field because it is used as the field separator in csv.

You cannot update existing records, only create new records.

The maincategory and subcategory are entered as numbers and they should already exists within the admin area of PHP-eSeller.

The currency code (e.g. USD) is not defined in the csv file, but is taken as the default value in setup.

The email texts are not defined in the csv file, but are assumed to be the default as defined in setup.

You can only have one file attached to a product, although you can add more once the product has been created of course.

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