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If you have purchased my script and have implemented it on a web site, send me the web address and I will add it on to my list of customer sites.

Site examples

  Sell mp3 music downloads  
  Dude Lovett  
  Template driven shopping cart system  
    Order pages     Main site  
  Hip-hop / R&B / Pop : Royalty Free Stock Music : Audio Empire Online  
  Shopping cart system  
    Order pages     Main site  
  Funky n fun singing exercises  
  Buy now buttons added to pages  
    Order pages     Main site  
  Philip Fogarty  
  Uses shopping cart and add to cart buttons.  
    Order pages     Main site  
  Sell ebook downloads  
  How to Play Darts through professional Darts Coaching and Training  
  Manually created button  
    Order pages     Main site  
  Apostille and Certification Guide  
  Buy now button added to a web page  
    Order pages     Main site  
  Sell audio download files  
  Create Your Peaceful Oasis  
  Enjoy Soothing Guided Meditations and Supportive Blog Communities  
    Order pages     Main site  
  Sell mp3, audio, ebood, video downloads  
  OnTargetHTML - video tutorial training  
  Two column layout  
    Order pages     Main site  
  DVDThemePak for MAC  
  Manually created buttons  
    Order pages     Main site  
  LandscapeHD, video downloads  
  Template driven pages  
    Order pages     Main site  
  Schematic symbol products  
  Add to cart buttons added to the page  
    Order pages     Main site  
  Vintage TV  
  Uses shopping cart system dynamically generated.  
    Order pages     Main site  

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