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  • PHP-SecureArea


    PHP-SecureArea is a PHP membership script which allows authorized members to access a secure area of a web site after the purchase of a PayPal recurring subscription.

    Subscribed members are automatically allocated to the membership areas after payment has been confirmed or manually added through the admin displays.

    PHP-SecureArea provides the checking of the completed transaction, administration of subscriptions, and the sending of confirmation email and password to the customers.

    The subscription areas have parameters that include :

    • the folder path of the protected area
    • the cost to access the protected area
    • the billing cycle for the subscription which may be from 1 day to many years.

    When the user makes a valid purchase, they are able to log in to the membership area for the subscription period and continue to do so as long as the customer continues to pay the subscription. Access to the membership area will end when the customer cancels the subscription or when payment fails. For manual created users, access to the membership area is controlled by a Cron job.

    Subscription installments are also supported allowing a fixed number of payments to be made for a defined period.

    The application does not have to be used with PayPal, as users can be manually created through the admin interface.

    You can manually create subscribed users, in which case a Cron job is used to disable users at the required time.

    You can create as many membership areas as you like, with each area pointing to different folders or some pointing to the same folders but with differing costs and time limits. So you could have a subscription costing $10.00 for 6 months access and another subscription costing $15.00 for 12 months access giving the customer a choice.

  • PHP-SecureArea

    Main features

    • Interacts with PayPal allowing customers to gain access to secure areas without any intervention from yourself.
    • Customers can be added or removed using the admin interface independently of PayPal.
    • Duration of subscription membership defined in units of days, months or years.
    • Automatic removal of members from the login system after subscription period has expired.
    • Control access to the subscription area is automatic by PayPal IPN.
    • Control access to the subscription area for manual users is by a Cron job.
    • In built checks to ensure that payments are valid and to prevent spoofing.
    • All pages written in PHP and script is NOT encrypted.
    • All credit card transactions are handled by PayPal.
  • PHP-SecureArea

    Customer login

    Customers have access to a set of administration pages where they may change their password and recover a lost password.

  • PHP-SecureArea

    Live demonstration

    The following PayPal buttons can be used to see what happens when a customer purchases a subscription.

    This is a live purchase for $0.01 to give access to a protected area for 3 days. After 3 days, the subscription will expire and you will not beable to access the protected area.

    There are two types of buttons, one includes a system of pre-registration where the customer can enter in their personal details.

    $0.01 subscription for 3 days non-recurring without pre-registration

    $0.01 subscription for 3 days non-recurring with registration

    Free susbcription (value of 0.00 entered for the cost) for 3 days with registration

    After you have made the purchase you will receive an email with log in details.

    Log in to the secure area at :

    Click Here to Log In
    Click Here to Log In

  • PHP-SecureArea


    • PHP 7 and 8
    • Apache web server or similar.
    • An SSL certificate on your web server to use https for communications with PayPal.
    • mySQL database version 3.23 or higher.
    • Linux or FreeBSD operating system (not Windows) on the web server.
    • A Paypal Business or Premier account - sign up here.
    • Customers require a validated PayPal account and credit card to be able to set up subscriptions.
    • Email functionality on the web server so that the PHP scripts can send out emails to customers.
    • If you are looking for a suitable host for you site, I would recommend. the basic web hosting plan from SiteGround.com or Lunarpages.com which have the required features for this application.

    It uses only 'standard' php, does not require any extra php modules and it should not need any changes to the .ini file.