• Shopping Cart API and Andriod App

  • PHP-eSeller

    WithinWeb Rest Andriod App

    Many of the PHP applications have an API which can be used to return details of items purchased. Currently these are the latest version of PHP-eSeller and PHP-KeyCodes.

    The api is accessed at:


    This assumes that the application is installed in the folder http://yourwebsite.com/phpeseller/

    The page is protected by a username / password which is set in the Admin of the application.

    API Set Up

    There is an Andriod device app which allows you to display this sales information. So if you have an Android tablet or phone then you can monitor sales on the move.

    The application can be seen at the Google store by clicking on the button below:

    WithinWeb Rest App


    The following image shows how the configuration that is required to allow the app to connect to the api.


    API Set Up