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Demonstration of purchasing a license code ....

The demonstration pages illustrate the administration side of the application and an example purchase button which you can use to buy a test software key code priced at $0.01.

Administration pages

To login to the on-line demonstration, click here or click on the button below and use the following username and password :

username : admin
password : admin

These pages provide all the set up and reports.

An example purchase

Click on the following button which shows what happens when someone wants to buy from PHP-KeyCodes. This is a live PayPal purchase and costs $0.01.


The above item costs $0.01. After purchase you will receive an email with a test key code. This is a live test and shows what happens when a customer makes a purchase of a license code, mobile key code or other product that you wish to sell.


Find out more

Pricing : PHP-KeyCodes costs $45 U.S. Dollars.
Purchase page

Demo : To view an on-line demo illustrating the admin pages. Demo page
The demo is live and you may purchase items to see how the system works. Items are $0.01 in value.

Enquiries : If you have any questions about the product, go to the contacts page.
Contacts page