Title tags and keywords

The title tags of a web page appear to be very important for all search engines.  For each web page create a different title tag that reflects its content but also contains keywords applicable to that page.  Search engines use the title tag as the main link to the page and hence it should contain words that reflect the content.

First write you web page which will contain key phrases.  It is usually better to do this before you look at the critical title tag content.  Once completed, you can write a well defined title line.  However, don’t be tempted to just copy a line of text form the web page, try to create a unique title of up to 10 words.

Blog software like WordPress can make things difficult in that they create the title tag for you out of various combinations of text strings made from the site name, the cateogry or the item title.  To overcome this with WordPress you can use the free SOE Title Tag plug in by Stephan Spencer.  This enables you to create your own title tags and make the pages more search engine friendly.

This can be downloaded at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/seo-title-tag/ and includes full description and installation.

PHP-eSeller is able to set the title tag of each dynamic shopping cart web page together with a meta description.

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