Number of product items per page

How to change the number of items displayed in PHP-eSeller and in the admin area of PHP-SecureArea.

With PHP-eSeller, if you are using a template driven display and wish to change the number of product items displayed per page then it can be done very easily. If you open up the file /functionscart/content.php in a text editor, you should see near the top of the file some page configuration settings. Similarly, in cart/includes/content.php file you will find configuration page settings which you can change if you are using this as your display.

With PHP-SecureArea, you may wish to change the number of users that are displayed in the admin display. Again this is very easy to do by opening the file a_usersmanage.php in a text editor and looking for the page configuration settings which are a few lines down in the code.

Make sure that you use a text editor such as notepad or a web page editing application – don’t use MS Word. Also, take a backup of any pages before you make changes, just in case.

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