Things to check if username / password is not sent

When you have completed the set up of PHP-eSeller, here are a few pointers which you should check if emails are not being sent out after a purchase.

  • Make sure that you have assoicated a digital file with the product that you are purchasing.  If you have not assoicated a digital file with the product, an email will not be sent to the purchaser although an email will be sent to the admin email address saying no file is assoicated with the product.
  • Check that your web server is able to send emails using PHP.    Most web servers will not have a problem with this so is unlikely to be the issue now.
  • Check if you have entered the installation url correctly in the Global Set up admin page. I have seen http://wwww/ rather than http://www. or even just www.
  • Check that your PayPal email address is the PayPal PRIMARY email account which you set in Global Set up admin page.

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