EasyPHP on Windows 7

How to fix Apache and MySQL problem

EasyPHP is an application that you install on your Windows computer and use as a development system for PHP / Apache and mySQL databases.

It can be downloaded form http://www.easyphp.org/

However, when I tried to install on Windows 7 I came across a number of issues with Apache and with mySQL.

This article


solved the problems for me.

PHP 5.3 and Depreciated Functions

Version PHP 5.3 has a number of functions that are depreciated and earlier versions of PHPeSeller, PHPSecureArea and PHPKeyCodes will display warning messages identifying those depreciated functions when installed on PHP 5.3.  It will still work as the functions are still there although they will be removed in PHP 6

To overcome this for earlier versions of the applications, in the error.php file just use

error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED);

This will stop the depreciated warning messages being displayed.

PHP-SecureArea can use buy now type buttons

Normally with PHP-SecureArea you use PayPal subscription facilities which control access to your secure area.  So when the subscription expires the access to the secure area ends.

One issue with this is that the customer has to have a PayPal account rather than purchasing through a credit / debit card.  This is because it is PayPal that controls the subscription process.

It is now possible with PHP-SecureArea to use a PayPal ‘buy now’ button which means that the customer can purchase with a credit / debit card.  As it does not use subscriptions it means that access will not automatically end, but this can be controlled using the cron job which checks for manually created subscriptions.

IPN History and selling digital downloads

PHP-eSeller when used with PayPal uses IPN to control the digital downloads to the customer.

If you log into PayPal you can check what IPNs have been sent out, you can check if your application has recieved and sent back a response (it should be respopnse code 200) and you can even resend an IPN.

These are available in your PayPal account under History -> IPN History.

Shipping and PayPal

There is a facility built into PHP-eSeller that allows you to set shipping for physical goods.  This allows you to set shipping according to the overall shopping cart value.  To use this you just activate it in the admin section of PHP-eSeller.  The calculations will be applied to the physical items only.

If you do not want to use this facility, you can use the PayPal shipping calculations.  In which case the shipping will again be based on the physical items and not the digital items.  You may prefer to use the PayPal shipping calculations depending on what you requirements are.

EasyPHP on Windows 7

EasyPHP is an application that you install on your Windows PC and provides a development enviromment for Apache, mySQL and PHP.

You can download it from http://www.easyphp.org/

When I tried to install it on Windows 7 I came across a number of problems with Apache and mySQL.

This article


solves these problems for me and may by usefull to others.

Sell digital downloads using Google Checkout

You can now use Google checkout as well as PayPal to sell your digital content with PHP-eSeller.

You need a Google checkout account which will identify your merchant codes.

Enter these into the admin area of PHP-eSeller and then select the tick box that enables Google checkout in the shopping cart. The shopping cart will then display both the PayPal and Google Checkout buttons.

Google checkout also has a sandbox test area which is easy to use and work with.

In someways Google checkout gives a better customer experience than PayPal.

Sell software licence codes with PHP-KeyCodes

PHP-KeyCodes is a is used to sell software key codes or pin numbers using PayPal or Google Checkout.  The key codes are entered into the item details and when a customer makes a purchase, the first key code is removed and sent by email to the customer. This leaves the next key code ready for the next purchase. When the number of codes reach a lower limit, an email is sent to the site administrator.  This functionality can be changed because code hooks are available.

The PayPal and Google Checkout ‘buy now’ buttons can be displayed in the admin interface and then copied on to your web pages.

PHP-KeyCodes is based PHP-eSeller and includes many of its features including transaction list, sales reports and email newsletter facility.

For details refer to http://www.withinweb.com/phpkeycodes/