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PHP-SecureArea is easy to install and maintain with a range of features to automatically allow customers to register access to areas of a web site. The application allows you to build a web site with paid password protection.

Defining a subscription

Defining a subscription includes :

  • Enter regular billing details with cost and duration of cycle.
  • Define installment subscriptions.
  • Optionally define trial period 1 and trial period 2

File security

Security of your files is important as this is where you make your money.

  • Your files are protected by a username / password login system and cannot be accessed without the correct details.
  • The username with a unique password is emailed to the purchaser after they have purchased the product. The email address being the purchaser's registered PayPal email address.
  • All passwords are stored in the database in encrypted format.
  • For added security, and the recommended method, the 'password' folder should be stored on the web server outside the root of the web site.

Paypal security

There are a number of checks in the script to ensure that the data received from PayPal has not been modified.

  • The script checks the PayPal transaction id in the database to make sure that it has not been previously used.
  • The subscription details of the item is checked against the database to make sure that it has not been changed.
  • The receiver email address is checked to make sure that it is your primary PayPal receiver email address.

Displaying your subscription button

Buttons are created using html coding and can be placed on any type of file so that they my be easily integrated within an existing web site.

Email customers via newsletter

The email functions can be used to send out newsletters to all or specific customers.

  • Email all customers who have purchased any item.
  • Email all customers who have purchased a particular item.

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Pricing :
PHP-SecureArea costs $65 U.S. Dollars.
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Demo : To view an on-line demo illustrating the admin pages.
Demo page
You may also buy a 3-days subscription for $0.01 to a test area to see how the system works.

Enquiries : If you have any questions about the product, go to the contacts page.
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