Sell Digital Products Online with PHP-eSeller

Build an online Shopping Cart using pre-build Bootstrap templates or add buttons by hand to your existing web pages.

Sell your digital downloads from your own web site

The type of digital downloads that can be sold includes:

  • Software programs.
  • mp3, mp4 files
  • Graphics, photos and icons.
  • Ring tones
  • eBooks and videos.

and anything else that is a digital file.

Install onto your web server with PHP and MySQL

The web site is usually based on Linux but must have PHP and MySQL. The web site should also have https.

  • Create a new MySQL database.
  • Install PHP-eSeller using the install script.
  • Make sure you have a PayPal verified account.

In the admin area, add you products and files that you want to sell.

For each product you can:

  • Define the files which can be downloaded for the product - each product may have more than one digital download file associated with it.
  • The time limit for the purchaser to download the product.
  • The maximum number of downloads allowed for each product.

Choose your template and start selling

You can use the built in templates or add buttons to your existing web site if you dont want to use the templates. Templates include:

  • Datatable with PHP shopping cart.
  • Multi-column display.
  • Ajax style store front layout.
  • Album display.


PHP-eSeller Including Installation