• After sales

  • After sales support is provided free of charge for any one who has purchased the software.

    For information on installation refer to the installation page by clicking here.

    For those who have purchased the installation option, after purchase we will contact you by email and make arrangements to do the installation. We will need ftp access to your web site, and access to your control panel to create the database, if one has not been created. We will need what folder name you would like the application to be installed in.

  • Technical support

    Any technical support questions will be answered free via the feedback page.

    If you are having problems with installing or configuring the application, contact us via the feedback page.

  • Refunds

    The products we sell are non-tangible irrevocable products so the refund policy is conditional, and refunds are allowed only if the product is not correctly described, namely:

    • If the product you have purchased does not have features and functionality as described on this web site, and after we have determined that these features could not be implemented with the software.

    The customer's inability to use the purchased product due to lack of required skills does not require us to provide a refund.

    We provide refunds for customers within 30 days after purchase. Refunds after 30-days period is expired is not available.

    Refunds for custom services (e.g. custom programming services) are not available.

  • Updates, upgrades, bug fixes etc

    Any minor bug fixes and minor revision updates will be made available free of charge.

    New versions are available free of charge for a period of 12 months after purchase. After 12 months you may purchase the latest version with 50% discount. Major revisions may mean that the product will have to completely re-installed depending on changes.