• PHP-Register

  • Form registration for tracking page access

    PHP-Register is a PHP / mySQL application that allows you to collect details from a person before they are redirected to a different page.

    The web site visitor arrives on a page on your web site where they see one or more buttons. Clicking on a button, they are taken to a page where they must enter their details, name, location and so on depending on what you want to collect. Once they have completed the form, they click on the finish button which takes them to the destination page.

    The application could be used where you have a trial version of an item of software and you want to collect information from people who are trying it out, or it may be used where you have a free download of a pdf or word file but require information for marketing purposes.

    The admin user is able to enter a list of the fields that they want to collect information on.

  • Main features

    • Create as many forms as you want
    • Each form will contain as many input boxes as you want
    • Input box types supported are : TEXTBOX, TEXTAREA, CHECKBOX, DROPDOWN and RADIO
    • Attributes can be added to each of the input boxes as appropriate
    • Each input field can be identified as a compulsory field and include regular expression validation
    • Validation is client side Javascript and server side PHP scripting
  • Installation and requirements

    • PHP 5 and above
    • Apache web server
    • mySQL database version 3.23 or higher
    • Linux, FreeBSD or Windows operating system on the web server
    • If you are looking for a suitable host for you site, I would recommend the basic web hosting plan from siteground which has all the required features for this application.