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AJAX Driven Shopping System ....

The alternative display system is accessible using assuming that the application is installed in the folder phpeseller.

       Click here to view an example

Note that this display system only works with PayPal at the moment. Also, physical goods are not properly supported in that the cart does not handle shipping charges and a free product feature is not supported with the AJAX cart.

The display.php provides a set of displays which may be more appropriate to your requirements.

It provides an 'AJAX' style dynamic shop using JQUERY which gives a smooth selection from a drop down list and has the cart value summary incorporated on the main page.

You may place your product items into categories and subcategories, in just categories or in no categories at all. The drop down lists will then display the category / subcategories and the user may use the drop down list to narrow their selection.

You do not have to define categories or sub categories with your product items if you do not wish to, in which case there will be no category or subcategory drop down lists.

Using display.php

If you are going to use display.php you can may want to change the name of the file to index.php replacing the existing index.php page. This will mean the page is accessed by just entering in the browser.

Modifying the displays

All the files needed for display.php are located in the folder /ajax_cart/ including the stylesheets which are located in /ajax_cart/stylesheets/

If you want to modify the store to make it look more like your own site, then you will need to modify display.php, the stylesheet and add logos as appropriate for your site.

Changing the logo and stylesheets

display.php is where the logo (/ajax_cart/images/banner.jpg) and reference to the stylesheet are located. display.php is just an ordinary web page and the layout can be modified assuming that you have the ability to work with styles and page layouts.

Other configuration

There are some configuration set up in the file /ajax_cart/setup.php

In this file you can set the display name of the 'category' and 'subcategory' titles. So if your category represents albums then just set the name of the category to 'Albums' and maybe set the subcategory names to 'Album titles'

$categorytitle = "Albums";

You can also set up the number of items per page.

Category and subcategory drop down lists

When you create your products you will decide if you want to create categories and subcategories.

You could for example define the category as music types, like 'pop', or 'classical' and so on. You could then have subcategories as the album titles.

You do not have to categories your products and in fact you could have no categories or subcategories at all.


The style sheet is located in the folder /ajax_cart/stylesheets called cart.css.


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Pricing : PHP-eSeller costs $55 U.S. Dollars, and yes we sell the product using our own application. Click here to go to the purchase page for further details.

Demo : To view an on-line demo illustrating the admin pages and store front, click here.
The demo is live and you may purchase items to see how the system works. Items are $0.01 or $0.02 in value.   

Enquiries : If you have any questions about the product, go to the contacts page by clicking here.

Showcase : To see how customers have used the application, go to the user sites page by clicking here