PHP-KeyCodes now has free button facility

PHP-KeyCodes is used to sell software license key codes or pin numbers after payment from PayPal. It is a PHP script which you can purchase from the web site. PayPal buttons are generated by the PHP script which can be added on to your website on any page allowing you to integrate the buttons into existing web pages.

PHP=KeyCodes now has a feature that allows you to send a code to a customer without them making a payment.

The customer enters their email address and the next key code is sent.

You then have a list of customers in your database which you can extract and use for marketing purposes.

For a full description of PHP-KeyCodes refer to:

Sell key codes from your web site

The advantage with PHP-KeyCodes is that you do not have to use third party companies to manage you sells.  You can purchase this PHP script and install it on your own web site so that all your key codes and license codes are always under your control.  The PHP script uses PayPal IPN to make sure that the customer does not get hold of a license code unless they have made a valid and complete purchase.

The PHP script is able to manage all situations that can occur with PayPal purchases, such as buying with an e-check.

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