• Demonstrations of PHP-SecureArea

  • PHP-SecureArea

    PHP-SecureArea is controlled using a set of administration pages. The demonstration area allows you to see all these admin pages. You can also make live purchases for $0.01 to see what happens when you become a member.

  • PHP-SecureArea

    Administration pages

    To login to the on-line demonstration, click on the button below and use the following username and password :

    username : admin@somewhere.com
    password : password

    Click to go to Demo

    These pages provide all the set up and reports.

  • PHP-SecureArea

    Customer login pages

    The customer pages allow users to view their account details. They can change their password, and check what secure areas they have access to.

    The customer login pages can be accessed by clicking here or by clicking on the button below.

    Go to Demo

    To login to this area you need the username and password for the secure area. You can get those by creating a subscription using the test buttons below.

  • PHP-SecureArea

    Live demonstration

    The following PHP subscription buttons provide a demonstration to see what happens when a customer purchases a subscription through the subscription manager system.

    This is a live purchase for $0.01 to give access to a protected area for 3 days so you will need a PayPal account. After 3 days, the subscription will expire and you will not be able to access the protected area.

    There are two types of buttons, one includes a system of pre-registration where the customer can enter in their personal details.

    $0.01 subscription button for 3 days non-recurring without pre-registration

    $0.01 subscription button for 3 days non-recurring with registration

    Note that you can have a free subscription button by putting a value of 0.00 entered for the cost

    After you have made the purchase you will receive an email with log in details.

    Log in to the secure area at :

    click here to log in
    click here to log in