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There are two methods to construct your shop system : modify your existing web pages by adding buttons and cart displays which is useful if you are only selling a few items, or use the dynamic store front which is based on a template system.

This section explains how to integrate Google 'buy now' buttons, 'add to cart' buttons, and the 'cart display' into your existing web pages. If you wish to use the full shopping cart system then refer to shopping cart page.

Adding Google buttons

Clicking on a 'Buy now' button immediately takes you to Google checkout where you buy that single item.

Buy now buttons are used where you only have a few items to sell and you do not expect purchasers to buy more than one item at a time. If you think that a purchaser would want to buy more than one item, then use the 'Add to cart buttons'.

The button or buttons may be placed anywhere on an existing web page which makes it easy to integrate into an existing design. The web page can be of php extension or an ordinary htm page.

<form action="http://www.yourservername/eseller/google/process.php" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="item_number" value="item1">
<input type="image" src="graphics/secure_checkout_google.gif" border="0" name="submit" alt="Make payments with Google Checkout">

The fields that you enter to create the button are :
  • The action url is http://www.yourservername/eseller/google/process.php assuming that you have installed PHP-eSeller at the root of your web site in a folder called 'eseller'.
  • The value of the 'item_number' entry is the item number of the product you wish to create the button for. This is what you entered in the item number field in the Products display of the admin pages, for example item1.
  • The image can be any of the PayPal images or one of your own.

Click on the following button which shows what happens when someone wants to buy PHP-eSeller script.

When the purchaser clicks on the buy now button, the php script will extract all the relevant data from the database and post it to the PayPal server.

Adding cart buttons

Add to cart and view cart buttons are the same as described in the section on PayPal Buttons. Click here.

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