Using Google Checkout

Using Google Checkout....

PHP-eSeller can use Google Checkout to sell digital goods and in some ways the customer experience is better than PayPal.

When the customer clicks on the Google checkout button, the customer is taken to Google checkout where she logins. If the credit card is correctly authorized, the customer will see the url link on the Google completion page. The customer can also see the url link at any time by logging back into their Google checkout account and going in to Purchase History.

If the customer fails to make the purchase, the url is not displayed to the customer.

Creating a Google Account

If you have not created a Google account go to :

and create a new account which will be used by you to sell items.

Go to your account at

After signing in, click on the Settings tab. Then click on the Integration link on the left side of the page. Your 10- or 15-digit Merchant ID and your Merchant Key will both be listed under the Account information header. You need both of these codes which you enter in the Google Setup admin section of PHP-eSeller.

In the Settings tab ensure that the tick box 'Shopping trolley post security' is ticked (this is ticked by default).

PHP-eSeller operates without SSL (called Level 1 integration by Google) and does not currently work with SSL (called Level 2 integration by Google) so you do not have to enter in any response handler url.

Creating a Sandbox Google Account

PHP-eSeller is able to use the Google sandbox system for testing.

First create a buyer account at, using a credit card of 4111-1111-1111-1111.

Then create your merchant, seller account at again using a credit card of 4111-1111-1111-1111.

You should find your 10- or 15-digit Merchant ID and your Merchant Key listed under the Account information header. You will need these when you do testing in the PHP-eSeller admin pages.

PHP-eSeller does not currently work with a response handler url so you do not have to enter any.

Testing with Google Sandbox

To do a sandbox test with Google, you have to enter the Merchant ID and Merchant Key into the Google set up admin page of PHP-eSeller replacing the live key codes. You also have to tick the checkbox to say show that you are using the sandbox system.

Digital delivery buyer experience :

You may find this link helpful in understanding some of Google concepts

Issues to do with currency and Google Checkout

Google Checkout is currently designed to process transactions in either U.S. Dollars or Pounds Sterling. If your business address is in the U.S., your customers will be charged in USD; if you're located in the U.K., your customers will be charged in GBP.

Customers in all countries where Google Checkout is available can purchase from your site. While their purchases will always be processed in the currency matched to your address, the buyers' credit cards will usually provide seamless currency conversion. You can check the 'Location' drop-down menu on the sign-up page, located at

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