Express Checkout Version

Express Checkout Version ....

There are two versions of PHP-eSeller - one version uses the standard PayPal IPN system and the other version implements the Express Checkout system. There are two zip files for the different versions of the application.

The Express Checkout version is installed the same way as the standard PayPal IPN system, with the addition of adding in the API signature details.

Note that the two versions CAN USE THE SAME database, so you don't need to create two versions of the database.

The customer must have a PayPal account to use express checkout - that is, the customer cannot pay by credit card.


Express Checkout provides a different customer experience to the other standard PayPal accounts.

When the customer wishes to make a purchase they login to PayPal and the application interacts with PayPal giving the impression of staying on your site. Once the customer has completed the purchase the download buttons are displayed so that they do not have to wait for the email with the download instructions.

Express Checkout demo

The following demonstrates the Express Checkout system. You can make a purchase using your PayPal Account, all items are $0.01 each.

AJAX single page cart - express checkout version

AJAX single page cart

Signing up through the PayPal web site

Use the following link to sign up with PayPal :

Express Checkout sign up

You select the Express Checkout option and then either create a new account or convert your existing account into a Business account.

I have had some problems in converting an existing account to a Business account that will work with express checkout and I have found that the best way is to create a new PayPal account from scratch using the above link.

This sets up your account to work with Express Checkout.

Now you can get your signature details as follows :

Log into you PayPal account.

Click on the 'Profile' tab.

Click on 'My Selling Preferences' on the left hand side of the page.

For API Access, click on the 'Update' link.

This takes you to the 'API Access' page.

Click on 'Request API credentials' link and this takes you to the 'Request API Credentials'.

You need to select the 'Request API signature' so that you can obtain the three components of :

  • API Username
  • API password
  • API signature

Make sure that the Request API signature radio button is selected.

Then click on 'Agree and Submit' button.

Copy all the details and store in a secure place on your PC.

Customizing of Express Checkout displays

The following files can be modified to fit into your design :


This file is where the customer reviews their order before they accept the purchase. There is a list of products that have been selected and there is a button which allows the customer to make the final purchase.

To modify the display you can change the html part of the file and add in your own styles and graphics as required. However, you will need to take care not to modify the php code on the page.


This file is where the customer is presented with a list of buttons where they can download their purchases. There is also a link to the other download display.

To modify the display you can change the html part of the file and add in your own styles and graphics as required. However, you will need to take care not to modify the php code on the page.

Find out more

Pricing : PHP-eSeller costs $55 U.S. Dollars, and yes we sell the product using our own application. Click here to go to the purchase page for further details.

Demo : To view an on-line demo illustrating the admin pages and store front, click here.
The demo is live and you may purchase items to see how the system works. Items are $0.01 or $0.02 in value.   

Enquiries : If you have any questions about the product, go to the contacts page by clicking here.

Showcase : To see how customers have used the application, go to the user sites page by clicking here