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    Welcome to the withinweb web site which provides links to various projects.

    We have been Web Programmers and Web Designers for a number of years in the South West of England, UK, starting out in the good old days of the internet. In those days we worked with the Microsoft asp scripting language and had to create page layouts with the much simpler concepts of CSS that were around then. We then moved onto dot net and database programming as those technologies developed.

    It became clear that the PHP programming language had great potential, and for some time now we have been writing PHP and MySQL applications for such things as selling digital downloads. You can read descriptions of these applications on this web site.

    We also do work with WordPress which is a terrific application for creating content management and blog systems. The programming features of Plugins and Themes provide endless customisation.

    We take particular care to ensure that all our applications are up to date and secure from vulnerabilities and test them using industrial methods. It is important to make sure that the applications use the latest version of code and meet the latest standards.


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    If you have any questions on the products, use the following email address :

    You should receive a reply within 24 hours.